How Depression Is Turning Lives Miserable?

You would have noticed a people around you being affected by depression. It has not escaped any age groups. To know about what it is and what are its symptoms go through the article below.

What is depression?

It is psychological disorder which is characterized by inability of person to be happy and enjoy full. It results in a severe mental illness and cause loss of appetite and persistent depressive mood is quite common. Although depression is curable but it severely influence our ability to think and act. It significantly reduces the ability of a person to work efficiently.

Circumstances of depression

There are several other types of depressions are found basically divided on the basis of how it influences the person adversely. All of them develop under unique circumstances:

  • Persistent depressive disorder
  • Post-partum depression
  • Psychotic depression
  • Seasonal effective disorder
  • Bipolar disorder

Causes of depression

Depression could arise any of the given physiological causes.

Persistent depressive disorder: it is also called dysthymia. It is generally a typical depressive disorder which is characterized regular depression that last for about 2 years. A person diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder experience intensive depression with less severe symptoms. But the symptoms must last for 2 years then only it can be characterized as a persistent depressive disorder.

Post-partum depression: – this sort of depression is extremely common among women’s. Specifically it is experienced by women’s during pregnancy or a serious depression is seen in the women’s who goes through delivery. It generally brings a feeling of extreme exhaustion, anxiety and sadness.

Psychotic depression: – this occur most commonly in people who are suffering from depression as well as some other serious mental disease like hallucination and delusion. In this form of depression victim oftentimes presume himself as guilty and ill. Moreover, that person becomes quite pessimistic as well as disturbed.

Seasonal affective disorder:- this one eventually caused when people tend to experience less sunlight specially in the winter season. It just a get well on its own as summer or springs approaches. The symptoms generally include excessive sleeping and significant amount of increase in body weight.

Bipolar disorder:-this is not apparently fall under the depressions, causes the symptoms are quite distinguishable from depression like the person became maniac or suffer from hyper mania, with persistent irritation. They experience considerable amount of low moods.

Sign and symptoms

  • Regular and continuous sad mood and followed by a feeling of emptiness
  • Feeling of desperation and dissatisfaction
  • Persistent frustration
  • Loss of interest for also sort of activities and hobbies
  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • Considerable change in weight or appetite
  • Thoughts suicide is generally more common
  • Several other physiological problems arise too including aches, cramps and digestive problems without any clear medical reason.

All the symptoms are rarely seen only few in particular cases are seen. Not everyone experience all symptoms. It generally depends on the mental state of that particular person.